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Sometimes there is no option but to obtain a divorce through the litigation process. This may happen where one spouse is withholding information, is not willing to negotiate in a fair and reasonable manner or is spiteful or vindictive. In cases like this, you need a strong, experienced divorce litigation attorney.

Attorney Karen Bosshart has experience handling cases involving complex legal and financial issues and strong trial skills. She has the knowledge, persistence and tenacity to obtain the information and documentation necessary to protect your rights and obtain the best resolution possible through legal advocacy.

Once the necessary information and documentation is obtained it is more likely that a recalcitrant spouse will be brought to reason and a settlement can be reached. Attorney Karen Bosshart recognizes that most clients do not want to take their case to trial. The goal is to always issue resolution, while protecting the client’s financial and parental rights.

As a former attorney appointed by the courts to protect the rights of children in custody disputes, Attorney Karen Bosshart focuses her clients on ways to minimize the impact of divorce on the children. The use of children as pawns or as a tool to obtain an advantage over the other spouse is never condoned.

In cases where a divorce trial is necessary, you need an attorney skilled in trial advocacy. Karen Bosshart, Esq. has over 25 years of trial experience. Preparation is the key. Your case will be given the time and attention it deserves. An organized, well documented presentation of evidence is essential to obtaining the best judicial decision possible. Where research of complex legal issues is necessary, the office of Karen Bosshart, Esq., LLC has the tools needed.

Protecting our client’s rights is our top priority. You will be treated with respect and concern. We are here to help you through this difficult, stressful time with the knowledge, skills and care you need.

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