About Karen Bosshart, Esq. LLC

Fairfield County & Westchester County Divorce Lawyer

Here’s a little bit of information about myself. I grew up on Long Island and attended Northport High School. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in biology and computer science from SUNY at Albany, I tried a stint as a computer programmer. Finding that the lack of personal client contact was not for me, I entered Fordham Law School, graduating in the top 11% of my class in 1983.

My first legal position was with a litigation firm in Manhattan, where I gained vast experience as a trial attorney. From there, I worked as a litigation associate with a firm in White Plains. However, after going through a divorce, I felt that matrimonial law was my true calling. As a result, I opened my own law office in 1991 and have been handling family law cases ever since.

Having gone through my own divorce, I gained insight into how clients feel during this process. I learned from my own experiences how frightening, stressful, and frustrating the divorce process is. I also learned the importance of having a good attorney whom I could trust on my side. I strive to be such an attorney for my clients at Karen Bosshart, Esq., LLC. I accept cases in Fairfield County, Connecticut, as well as cases in Westchester, Dutchess, and Putnam counties in New York.

Protecting the Best Interests of Children During the Divorce Process

Working as a court-appointed attorney for children of divorcing parents for many years has also molded how I counsel my clients. It is very important that clients are educated on ways to minimize the impact of divorce on their children. Even young children suffer adverse effects from the stresses associated with the divorce of their parents. These include both emotional and financial stresses. I try to assist my clients in minimizing such effects to the greatest extent possible. I never counsel or condone the use of children as a weapon against the other spouse in the course of a divorce, and I act quickly in the event that the other side is attempting to use this tactic against my client.

Making Mediation an Option

As a Westchester County and Fairfield County divorce attorney and mediator, I bring both my knowledge of the law and my skills as a negotiator to the table. I have handled hundreds of successful divorce meditations. At an initial intake, one of my first questions to a potential client will be, “Do you think it is possible that you and your spouse can mediate this divorce?” If the answer is yes, I will strongly recommend this approach over litigation. During mediation, I assist the clients in crafting an agreement that works best for both of them. I also offer unconventional ways of resolving disputes that courts are constrained from directing, if that is what would work best for the clients.

High Levels of Client Satisfaction

My strong but caring personality combined with my knowledge and hard work have been praised by my clients. Because of the high levels of client satisfaction that result from my services, a large percentage of my business comes from referrals. In fact, my most prized referrals have come from the former spouses of my clients, and I take great pride in this.

On a personal level, I have four adult children and an adorable 3-year-old grandson. I still play softball on a women’s league, and I love gardening. So, if you run into me on a weekend, don’t be surprised to see me with dirt under my fingernails. I promise to scrub it out by Monday, though!

If you would like to learn more about me and my family law services, call my office in New York at (914) 244-3100, or in Connecticut at (203) 431-6500 !

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