Mediation vs. Litigation

Divorce Lawyer with 35+ Years of Experience

When you and your spouse choose to get a divorce or separation, it is important to decide whether you would like to go to court or reach a settlement through mediation. Since divorce can be very traumatic on everyone involved (especially children), you should consider your options wisely.

Divorce litigation is not only more costly, but is typically much more emotionally draining. At Karen Bosshart, Esq., LLC, we have a New York and Connecticut divorce lawyer who is a skilled mediator. Attorney Bosshart is ready to use her more than 35 years of experience to assist you in mediation of your Family Law issues.

If you chose the online mediation process, we are here to help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Assisting you during the mediation process to come to an agreement on the terms the Court will look for in an uncontested divorce or separation
  • Drafting binding agreements based on the terms reached during the mediation process
  • Preparing the paperwork necessary to obtain an Uncontested Divorce or Family Court Order for Custody and Support

We are more than qualified to represent you, whether you choose to mediate or to go to court. Our firm handles divorce cases in both Westchester County, NY; Putnam County, NY; Dutchess County, NY; and Fairfield County, CT. We are here to fight for your rights and ensure that your interests are fully protected. Call us now at (914) 244-3100 (New York) or at (203) 431-6500 (Connecticut) to get started!

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