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New York and Connecticut Divorce Mediation Attorney

Family-related legal issues, especially those having to do with divorce, can be incredibly devastating to you and your children. At the office of Karen Bosshart, Esq., LLC, our Connecticut and New York divorce mediation attorney can help you navigate the complexities of the issues you are facing. No matter what type of family law matter you are dealing with, we will work to help you mediate the best outcome for both of you and your children. We work on cases for residents of Connecticut and New York.

The Online Mediation services we offer include:

  • Divorce/Separation: An alternative to litigation in handling a divorce or separation is mediation. It can be a much more civil and cost-effective way to handle all of the delicate issues you are facing.
  • Alimony/Spousal Support: Mediation is a method of resolving the issue of alimony/spousal support, even during the divorce litigation process, if it has become a stumbling block to a resolution of your case.
  • Child support: If you are going through a divorce or separation or if you are unmarried and you have children, the parents (or the court) will need to determine whether child support is necessary and who will be required to pay it. If the court is making a determination, the amount will be based on a mathematical formula, along with a number of other factors. In mediation, a child support agreement can be crafted that varies from the state’s guidelines calculation approach.
  • Child Custody & visitation: Issues regarding the parties’ children are delicate and need to be handled appropriately. In mediation the concerns of both parents with regard to their children can be discussed and addressed. During the meditation process the parents are guided to focus on what is best for their children rather than on their own emotional responses to the breakup of their relationship.
  • Relocation: When a parent seeks to relocate after a divorce, the parties may have to modify their child custody agreement in order to accommodate the distances between their new households. Child support issues may also need to be modified due to increased visitation costs. Mediation can assist with the issues inherent in these relocation cases.
  • Prenuptial & postnuptial agreements: Before you get married or after you have had your wedding, there may be certain agreements you would like to put in writing, and we can help you craft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that protects both parties.
  • Modifications: Over time, your circumstances can dramatically change, resulting in the need for a change to your divorce or family court order. Even after a very contentious litigated divorce, time may allow the parties to mediate a modification agreement. Having gone through the pain and expense of litigation, parties may come to realize that working with the other party in mediation is a better alternative to further litigation.

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